Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestAlexandra has been dying to see this one! The second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean opened in the States and in the UK almost a month ago. Jessica went to see it in the States and reported back to us which Alex even more jealous. Today was the opening in France. I bought tickets online to be entirely certain we had places and swooped Alex up and in the car and off to La Défense at lunch time. We got there a half-hour before the start of the séance and there were already about a dozen people queued up even with their tickets. We obviously arrived at the right time as about 10 minutes later the queue was literally 100 metres long.

We sat through the séance of previews and adverts as usual. Alex is now dying to see the new Alex Rider movie, whenever it comes out here, and she has even said she'd like to read the books!

Finally the movie started and two and a half hours later it ended. It was definitely long and a lot could have been edited out. Alex had a great time which was the goal. I thoroughly enjoyed Johnny Depp as always and had fun. It was a cheap ending leading up to the third movie which I believe has currently finished filming.

I was actually able to eat a bit of popcorn this time, washed down with a reasonable amount of coke, which made me feel like it was an achievement!