Thursday, May 22, 2008


As many of you may have noticed I find it difficult to find the time to update this blog regularly.

However I microblog quite often using Twitter. I tweat from my computer using their web site or, more often, Twhirl. I tweat from my iPod Touch using Hahlo 3 and from my HTC Windows Mobile phone using their web site. Although I have a lot of fun posting up microblog entries (tweats) every now and then I actually enjoy more reading the Twitterers I'm following:

  • iJusine: probably the first Twitterer I started following as I believe I found out about the service on her blog.

  • My favourite Tech podcasters: Cali Lewis, Veronica Belmont and Leo Laporte

  • My Favourite Tech podcaster!!! Gareth Mitchell of BBC's Digital Planet.

  • Recently discovered webcaster Felicia Day of The Guild

  • My personal friend, David Barber who doesn't post nearly enough!

  • But... my favourite twitterer has got to be my latest addition: Diablo Cody. I recently saw Juno when I was in New York. I loved it! I then bought and read her book, Candy Girl which was an incredibly easy read and had the same dialogue I had grown to love from Juno. I love her voice and she writes the best tweats ever... I actually look forward to them.

If you're a twitterer and you're interested in following me you can always find me here:

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David said...

I try! I try!

I really love Diablo's blog on myspace as well. I've been following it since sometime around the academy awards, and it was a hoot seeing the hijinks that followed. Now I'll have to follow her twitter as well!