Monday, September 26, 2005

Scarface v2.0

As you can see I have a new and improved version of the scar. It's now a big letter Y which runs up around my neck behind my ear and down across my shoulder. I'm sure it'll impress kids in the streets. At the moment I'm sure it scares people off more than anything.

Desney and Jessica are pretty blasé about it. But Alexandra really doesn't like it and wishes I would cover it up or that she didn't have to look at me.

Taking off the bandages in the morning was not a big deal. But throughout the day as the wound was exposed to the air it tightened and pulled something chronic. It feels as though there's this sort of hole in the middle, where the wounds meet, which is pulling my skin towards it (down from the face, up from the chest, left from the shoulder and right from the neck). I now realise that it wasn't the bandages which were constricting my movement but rather the wounds themselves.

This evening was a wonderful experience. My first shower since the operation. It felt absolutely wonderful to get clean again... especially my hair. I obviously didn't scrub the scar but rather gently washed it with some Cytéal. It was great to actually wash my face though.

Afterwards was a slightly scary experience: shaving. As I hadn't shaved for so long it would have been difficult under any circumstances as the whiskers kept getting stuck in between the razors. In the end I managed to shave properly and simply left a small hairy patch where I didn't want to actually shave the wound. It looks quite strange actually but it's much less itchy.

All of this is probably much more information than anyone else was interested in...

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